“Globalizing the Troubles: Northern Ireland as Cold War Battleground, 1956-1987.”

  • University of California, Santa Barbara. New Scholars International Conference on the Cold War.


Panel organizer. “The Limits of Loyalty: Race, Resistance, and Collaboration in the Colonial World, 1840-1975.”

  • American Historical Association. Annual Meeting.


“Traitors to the Crown: British Military Veterans in the IRA, 1918-1923.”

  • Harvard University. Situating Empire Workshop.
  • Free University Berlin. Global Histories Conference.
  • University of Zurich. Global War, Global Moments, Global Connections.


“‘That Shell Bursting in Your Head’: Great War Trauma in the IRA, 1914-1934.”

  • King’s College London. History of War Conference.
  • McGill University. Violence and the Mind Conference.


“‘Continuing the Mission’: World War I and the Roots of Red Scare Violence, 1919-1921.”

  • Princeton University. War Frenzy: Exploring Violence in Propaganda.
  • Meredith College. World War I Symposium.
  • University of Edinburgh. What Tommy Did Next Conference.