Historian of Europe and decolonization. Follow me @MatthewKovac.

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I’m an incoming History PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley. My current research focuses on the Irish republican movement, decolonization, and the Global Cold War.  

My recent publications include “Continuing the Mission: The First World War and the Roots of Red Scare Violence” in Communication and the Great War (Routledge, 2020) and “Red Amazons? Gendering Violence and Revolution in the Long First World War” in The Journal of International Women’s Studies (Spring 2019).  

I’ve previously worked with the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area, Progress Michigan, the Chicago Innocence Center, and The Chicago Reporter.  

I hold a Master of Studies in modern British and European history from Oxford University and a bachelors in journalism and history from Northwestern University.

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